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Talkin' Dirty In The Dirty South

Phonesex With A Real Black Girl. All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

My Erotic Mp3’s

cuckold phone sex



Masturbation Station : This is a five minute recording about a little spot in my room that I like to call my masturbaton station. Its a place where I can throw my luscious brown legs over the sides of my chair and make my sweet little pussy drip!



My First Blowjob: This recording is four minutes long. I haven’t always been a sex goddes. It seems like it was just yesterday when I gave my first handjob at a church picnic. Squeezing Joey Thompson’s cock until it popped!!!


Ode To A Cuckold: In this recording I break it down to all the pathetic cuckold losers how and why I use them. And the bottom line is this…because I can!


Fuckboy Visits The Glory Hole: A five minute recording where I taunt,tease and laugh at you while you suck dick at the glory hole!


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