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Talkin' Dirty In The Dirty South

Phonesex With A Real Black Girl. All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

Here Sissy Sissy Sisssy….

So just recently I found out that my neighbor is a cock sucking sissy, I would see different men going to his house through out the day and night. Once I saw him answer his door in a pink robe and stilettos. So naturally I began to investigate. I kept my eye on him. Just to see if his habits or mannerisms would give him away. When he would leave for work in the morning he would appear to be manly in his pressed black suit. And that is why I began to think he was a closet cock sucking sissy!!!And being the naughty little bitch that I am, I peeked into his window one night. Homeboy was wearing red crotch less panties and a bra that was hiked up so high that it was almost blocking that pretty little mouth of his. And I don’t think the big black man standing in front of him liked that very much. His dick was at least 10 inches and Oh My God it was pointed right at my neighbors little fag mouth. I was breathing so fucking hard that I fogged up the window. Bitchboy took that cock into his pathetic little hands and began to swallow his meat whole. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Now I know his little secret! Ha Ha! So don’t try to hide your dirty laundry from me bitches. I can smell a cock sucking sissy a mile away!

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Ode To A Cuckold

You already know! Or at least you should know how lucky and blessed you are to have me. Actually you dont really have me. I’m just around for the perks. And even though I am completely honest and upfront with you…your dumbass still wonders why I am with you in the first place.  So let me say it again.  Could it be your good paying job? Your sports car that I always drive? The exotic trips we take? Or the credit card with no limit? I know I can get anything I want from you with a sexy grin and a wink. You know it isn’t about the great sex we have, because… Curious about how this ends?

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