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Spoiled Nubian Princess

FanClubWhat better way my devoted minions then to invest in the life of your newest addiction. Me! There are many things I wish to do with my life, and many things I want to have in my life. So I decided that you were going to be lucky enough to pay for them! In the next week I will be adding a special page for you to go and read about how you can invest in my life. I know you are just overwhelmed with anticipation as to what I am going to list. Well here is a sneak peak. I want to go back to school, so you will have the opportunity to pay for my books, tuition, and other school expenses. Of course there are the regular expenses like Rent, Cable, Phone, utilities, Car insurance, and car payments. Then there will be a fund to buy myself a new car fit for a Princess. I currently drive a mazda. Which is ok untill I get what I really want. A cherry red Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder convertable. Which of course you are going to pay for. I hope this isn’t going to be a problem for you*giggles*




So apparently my beautifully decorated website is not enough for some of you pay pigs out there. You are hungry for more ways to show your love and devotion to your Spoiled Nubian Princess Morgan.  And rather than ignore your addiction and deny you the privaledge of adoring me, I would rather feed it. By popular demand I have created one kick ass tribute page. Get out your plastic boys and show your Princess that her efforts were not in vain!


Posted 8 years ago.

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