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Talkin' Dirty In The Dirty South

Phonesex With A Real Black Girl. All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

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Phone Sex Dreams

I just had the most awesome dream. It was so good that I had to turn it into a reality. Now what I am about to write should come as no big surprise to anyone being that I am a phone sex operator. But I just had a dream that I was having phone sex with a random stranger purely for pleasure. No monetary gain involved.  Thats a foreign concept for me. So naturally when I woke up I was intrigued.  So intrigued that I decided to conduct an experiement from the comfort of my ultra comfy Gold Bond memory foam bed. (Thanks IGETCREAM77) The purpose of this experiement was 1. To get off, cuz I was in that sorta mood and 2. To determine if I had began to lose touch with the sensual side of phone sex.  Sometimes between all the ooohs and ahhhhs the redundant questions, like “What kind of panties do you have on?” the routine becomes just that. Routine.  Determined to find out, I removed my fingers from my clit and reached for the phone.

After dialing random numbers all over Florida for at least 45 minutes, I finally found someone to play with. First of all I never thought that it would take that long to find someone. A majority of the numbers that I dialed were disconnected or a woman would answer the phone. I tried to get a few to get into the spirit of things but I could hear kids in the background. So basically that was a no go. But then I reached a part of Florida known as the The Villages, mainly for old retired people. When I reached some guy there he was willing to talk to me, but the poor thing couldnt hear too good.

Me: “Ooo my pussy needs you”

Him:”Huh? What you say?”


Him: “Oh. I see. Well… uh we already got enough cats around here. I dont think we can take anymore”

Me: “Okay Sir, sorry I bothered you. Have a good day.”

After deciding to move on and bring it back to Miami, I finally found him.  A phone sex dream come true.  He went by the name Barrio and wasted no time jumping right into my random phone sex experiement. It was as if he was waiting by the phone already stroking his cock and waiting for a pervert like me to call him up.  The phone rang: I said “I want you to get your dick out and cum with me. Can you do that?” He was like “Shit, yeah. Hold on”.  So I waited for a few seconds while he moved around for a bit and then I could hear a  door close in the backgrond before he got back on the phone. “Who is this? Is this a joke?”  So I responded, “Nope, its the real deal. I picked you to cum with me today.” A moment a later I could hear him breathing real hard into the phone.  I asked him if he was stroking it and he said yes baby I am. And he wanted to know if was doing the same. And Iwas.

To be honest there wasnt much talking going on just rythmic breathing on both ends. We mangaged to get our  breathing at the same pace. I think for me thats what made it more  intimate and super hot.  It was like even though we were on the phone we still had a real connection.  The breathing and the panting went on for maybe ten minutes before we both came at the same time. Amazing. At the end he thanked me by saying, “Damn girl, that was good. I ain’t see that comming. But Im glad it did. Thank you. My name is Barrio. Call me anytime”  I responded with “No, thank you for playing. I apprecitated it.” I paused for a moment and then finally I said “Well you take care, Bye.”  And just like that I hung up knowing that I would never ever talk to him again. By the time our rendevous was over  I completely forgotten what number I had dialed. And of course I blocked my number before dialing his.  Eventhough it was a hot and sexy experience, I have no interest in calling him back. Once was enough.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try a new city. In the meantime, you can reach me on my toll free and purchase a phone session with yours truly…

Call Morgan @ 1-407-536-8296 For Phone Sex

Posted 4 years, 5 months ago.

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Shopping and Sweet Submission



Okay, so I go to  Target and buy all kinds of shit like I usually do. Makeup, panties, batteries for my new Nubby G Aqua. Man is this vibrator the shit!  Big Ups to NastyNate for paying my wishlist a visit. Me and my g-spot thank you!  But wait! I digress. I’m sorry.  So I’m at Target filling up my cart with makeup, soaps, bath gels and lotions and so forth, when I noticed this super sexy security guard.  He stood about five feet away from me and he was noticing me as well.   I caught him checking out my booty in my hot pink running shorts.  But it’s ok, it’s not like I mind.  So I turn and faced him head on, making sure to bounce my 36D cup titties as I did so.  And just when I am about to introduce myself, he interrupts me and says “Excuse me miss, but I need you to come with me”.  The first thing that came to my mind was the lipgloss I lifted from the store two years ago.  But that’s crazy, there is no way they would know about that. Right?   So down a long and narrow hallway we go.  Far, far, faaarr  away from all the store aisles and all the customers  this sexy motherfucker took me.  He walked behind me and I kept stopping every few seconds.  Just to make him bump into me  and grind his dick on my ass. 

 So we reach a tiny office with a two-way mirror and he tells me to sit down and do what I am told.  I was becoming more and more nervous.  But yet oddly aroused.  I could feel that wetness between my thighs.  My eyes looked down at his pants and I could tell he had a hard on.  And thats when he snapped at me saying “Dont Fuckin look at me! Keep your eyes on the ground until I leave.  And even then dont look up.  I want you to wait here until you hear from me. Do you understand me, cumslut?”  Wow is all I could think. And just like that he walked out of the room slamming the door.  I sat there for what seemed like  half and hour staring a spot on the floor.  I dared not to look up.  Finally a voice came from the intercom speaker in the corner ceiling,  “Take off your shorts,” it said.  I looked up at the intercom and then the voice yelled, ” Look down and take off your shorts, NOW! CUMSLUT!”  I was so turned on and thrilled at the situation that I immediately removed my running shorts and panties.  I aim to please.

 He went on to tell me to spread my legs and finger bang my pussy.  I did just that, no questions asked.  I was so completely  turned on that I saw his list of demands as rewards.  My reward for being such a patient little fuck toy.  I wondered if he was on the other side of the mirror as my pussy got wetter and wetter.  Its crazy but this thought got me hot and that much closer to cumming.   I wanted to know if he was stroking his dick at the same time as I played with my pussy.  Mutual masturbation at it’s best.  I worked my fingers on my clit faster and faster until my body began to shake and cunt juice oozed out onto my chair.  I could not believe it.  I had just cum right there in that office.  Before I could give it anymore thought, the voice from the intercomm spoke.  “Put your shorts back on and get the fuck out of the store!”.  Holy shit, he was treating me like a whore.   And you know what?  I fuckin liked it.   I grabbed my shit and quickly got dressed and began a brisk walk to the exit of the store.  I’m sure he could see the goofy smile on my face from all the surveillance cameras at the exit.  I held it all in until I reached my car, where I broke down into crazy laughter.  I waited  before I lost it, so he wouldn’t think I took him for a joke.  Anything to get a repeat on my next visit.  That shit was hot!!!     


Posted 4 years, 5 months ago.

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For the supreme sexual experience regarding plastic and latex you need the best. I am all that and more. Let this slick Bitch drizzle your body in hot oil, then tightly wrap you up in plastic. Just relax and let the oil make its way to every crevice of your body. This unique combination is guarnteed to make your toes curl! Not hot enough? Don’t worry. I have candles. I am a Ebony Fetish Princess who knows what she is doing. Do what I say and you’ll get the reward. Misbehave and I’ll drench your plastic ass until it melts. If you are new at this, don’t be afraid to try. I am wonderful at training the virgins. For you experienced guys, have your saran wrap ready when you call me.

Posted 8 years ago.

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