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Talkin' Dirty In The Dirty South

Phonesex With A Real Black Girl. All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

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So is it or isn’t it #NationalKissDay ? I say who cares really. I just find it interesting that currently this a twitter debate. Any excuse to make others feel good is alright with me. Shoot! *Said in a Wilona From Goodtimes voice* We should have more “Holidays” just like this one. Let’s #GetOurFreakOnDay, #BuckNakedThursdays and #CallAPhoneSexOperatorDay. Not for free though ya’ll! But seriously, twitter land this holiday is not to be taken too seriously. Some say its invalid cuz it’s already taken place this year. So what? If it feels good do it more than once. Spread the love. Feeling down? Kiss your neighbor. Kinda like when you’re in church and the preacher says “shake hands with your neighbor”. But instead you do it with your mouth and use lots of tongue and spit! That’s right I like it wet and sloppy. In honor of #NationalKissDay here is a kiss for all of you muah,smooches and besos

Phone Sex Popular With The Brits


Posted 5 years, 11 months ago.

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Posted 7 years, 6 months ago.

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