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Talkin' Dirty In The Dirty South

Phonesex With A Real Black Girl. All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

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Hello, My name is Morgan. I hope you like my pictures. My homegirl Desiree is into photography so she hooked me up. I was a little nervous at first, but then I got into it. And before long my panties were wet. Well I’m from Miami and I fucking love it here. Sunny skies, and shady people. What more can you ask for? And oh yeah, the beaches are great. When Im not talking dirty and spending your hard earned money in nightclubs, I play video games. Yup, I’m a gamer. Half-Life 2 on Wii, its a classic and I cant help myself. And when I really wanna cut loose, i bust out the old N64 and call up some friends to play Mario party. Man do I love a good gang bang. Hot Damn! . Bottlom line, I just wanna have fun.

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I guess you want to know why I am doing this. Well, I wanted to for a long time. But I just didn’t have the balls at first. Before now I was working at this telemarketing company, selling appliances. One day the manager said to us that we weren’t selling enough shit, and that maybe to get the customers to buy products from us we should flirt with them. Originally I thought to myself, Hell no! There’s no fucking way I’m going to flirt with customers, just so they can buy some shit that I cant afford!!! Then one of my co-workers said to me that if she was going to do that, she might as well be a phone sex operator. And just like that the mythical light bulb went off.  Something in my head clicked when she said that. I’m a natural flirt, and I have a filthy fucking mouth to boot. Why not get paid for it? I quit that job and began my phone sex career. And yes I do consider it to be a career.

For the first time I felt empowered and in control of my life, and not just some girl from a strict island family. It had everything to do with just being out in a new place, and feeling like I could do anything because I had left all that shit behind. Fuck mainstream, I am a proud member of the counter culture. I love freak nasty sex and this is a fun and safe way to get all I want. Besides, with a body like mine, who wouldn’t want to show it off! My phone sex style is to start off slow and then get hotter and more nasty as we talk. At the end, I get wild , crazy and slutty! Call me so you can listen to my wet pussy and please feel free to beat off! Love and juicy kisses, Morgan


Posted 8 years, 1 month ago.

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